Richard Tisei to Boston Herald: "I'm Ineffective"

Tisei: “A letter from me I don’t think was very helpful”

Salem, MA -- Today, the Boston Herald reported that as a state senator, Richard Tisei recommended a number of candidates to John O’Brien, the disgraced former head of the Probation Department.  Tisei’s response to the Herald was that, “a letter from me I don’t think was very helpful” and that he had “never talked to O’Brien. I don’t think I ever met him the whole time I was in (the Senate).” 

Seth Moulton, Iraq war veteran and Democratic candidate for Congress in Massachusetts sixth congressional district, released the following statement:

“At issue isn’t that Richard Tisei sent a letter to a now disgraced ex-department head making a job recommendation. The issue is that Richard Tisei has proven time and time again to be just another Republican who stands for the status quo.

“It’s not something to brag about that, after 20 years in the state senate, a letter with his name on it ‘wasn’t very helpful.’ Nor is it impressive that, 20 years into his tenure, he hadn’t met with the head of a major department.  How many other department heads did Richard Tisei not meet?

“We need a new generation of leaders who will shake things up in Washington. Richard Tisei has proven that he’s not that agent of change.”

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